Sunday, February 3, 2008

1st horse show this year (and other updates)

There is a training show on Feb 24 at Gold Creek Equestrian Center in Woodinville. I'm going to start Willow off early thi year! It means a lot of work on staying on rails, inside flexion, and relaxing at the canter. I think I might just enter a walk/trot class for this first one, and start the canter classes in March. There are 2 wonderful 17 year old girls who are going to start riding Willow once a week in exchange for stall cleaning. (Possible leases?) And that's exciting because it should help her gain experience, and we can also get her started jumping small jumps this year.

On the job front - I subbed last Friday at Northshore Jr High and went silky smooth. I was out of town last week, but I got 19 calls to sub! So I think I should have pretty steady work. And I found a wonderful nanny! She's been in early childhood education for 10 years, mostly working with 2-3 year olds. She's taking some time off work to spend at home with her 1 month old daughter and wants to watch a kiddo at her house. She also has a 7 year old daughter in school, so she's been through parenting as well. I'm really excited about her.

On the Toby front - he's now pretty much running laps! He stands up without using furniture, and he can bend down and pick objects up without falling. He's starting to explore climbing out of his walker and onto the coffee table...yes, it all starts now!

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