Monday, March 17, 2008

Toby's first birthday!

We had Toby's little birthday party at our house yesterday. Notice was very short, and only a few people were invited because of limited space and planning time. Layla was the only other baby in attendance! We had a pretty good time, and the little man was such the entertainer.

Toby with his birthday balloon

Can you say "Just gimme a Dr. Pepper?" (already emptied)

The cutest guest

Structural testing of the cupcake was essential before any tasting could be done!

After thorough investigation, the cupcake was deemed acceptable.

Completely unhindered by the fact that this present was bigger than he is!

Dad helping train Toby in the art of aerial assault!

Hard to tell who was having more fun...

Shark attack! The shark prevails as one of the favorite toys.

Big toy adventures

Toby's first big toy adventure! (From February)