Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back in WA

Phew, finally back from our trip to Alaska. Here we were expecting to have a winter wonderland Christmas, and wouldn't you know it...there was no snow! In Alaska!!! Sounds like you Washingtonians had more snow for xmas :)

We had a great time there and the family finally got to meet Toby. We had a great Christmas, Toby got lots of fun (and noisy) toys and several cute outfits. We went up to the cabin on Ana Lake to visit Grandma for a few days, where Toby took his first sled ride! And we had a lovely dinner over at Micki's and Toby got to meet his aunts and cousins...all girls between 2-5, they weren't too interested in him yet.

My parents now have 3 (indoor) dogs: a daschund, a tibetan terrier, and a bloodhound! There are baby gates everywhere to keep 2 of the dogs from fighting, and spit rags everywhere to minimize the slobber. I kid you not, it is a production every time the dog (Bo) drinks water. It's like the scene in Mary Poppins where the neighbor fires a cannon off the roof and everyone shouts "Posts!" 1 or 2 people grab spit rags and try to tackle and wipe the dog down (face AND ears) before he slimes everything.

Gotta run, but not bad for a first blog.