Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

We are basically snowed in here today in Everett, WA! So much for shopping or mall walking, or the barn, or my HIGHLY anticipated visit to the newest member of the Salerno family.

With nothing better to do...I gave Toby his 2nd haircut (my first time cutting his hair!) I decided to try it while he was in the bath, thinking he'd have plenty to keep him busy and the cleanup would be easier. That was all true, but I didn't account for the sheer amount of movement he's capable of in the tub! Sharp scissors + inexperienced stylist + a squirmy baby = a good time. Only a little blood - just kidding! No blood and no tears (from Toby anyways). It was quite frustrating though, and I think next time I'll try the high chair as our cutting location.

The weekend

Saturday night, I was going to host a Silpada jewelry party at my house. But with only 3 confirmed guests and a pending snow storm, I called off the jewelry part of the evening. I still ended up with four friends, lots of food and alcohol, and board games. The boys badly needed a drinking night after the week they've had at work - but they were too rowdy to hang with us so we sent them away. They ended up with Superbad and spiked slurpees. (Classy!) Ted was in rare form at the end of the night. Good times all around.

And Sunday - Grandma Julie and Grandpa John came up for a visit. We all had a great time and had brunch at Mitzels. Then we played Stupidopoly until they had to go.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The job hunt

Well, I'm all set in the sub system. Just need to find jobs now. And I've spent hours scouring ads for prospective nannies. And then hours more researching interview questions, questions for references, how to go about background checks, etc. I found one I'm really excited about, I'll interview her tomorrow. She has worked as an early child teacher (2-5 years old) for 10 years. She's staying home now with her newborn (December 2007!) and she has a 7 year old daughter in school. She's willing to accept a reasonable rate and be flexible for days when I don't get work. I hope it works out. Several of my friends are willing to serve as backup or emergency sitters, but none of them can handle another kid full time right now.

In other important news: Toby is walking up a storm today! Longest stretch was ~15 steps! I got it on video too. I'll try to get it on the web soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dressing Your Blessing

My friend just launched her home business selling new and gently used baby/toddler clothes online. Check it out at: She's got some great deals on brand name clothes!