Monday, June 30, 2008

Big boy potty!

Toby used his big boy potty today for the first time today! I haven't gotten the potty training books or anything. He was squatting in the hallway to take a poop, and I just pulled the potty chair out and showed it to him. He looked at it for a minute and flipped the lid up and down. So we pulled down his pants and sat him down and he did his business on the potty like a pro! It is so exciting to think we might have Toby out of diapers before the next baby gets here :) Let me know if you've got any tips or favorite books I should know about.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June updates

Okay, I haven't blogged in a while. Been working 50 hour weeks with a 1.5 hour commute people, gimme a break! :) And I haven't had any energy lately! I've been falling asleep at like 7:30pm. So one day last week I wasn't feeling so hot and actually got sick at school....are you following where I'm going with this yet?...Yes, we are expecting another baby! And it took me 2 - 3 months to figure it out :) So I don't know when we're due, January - February-ish. We just never slow down!

Toby is doing really well, learning lots of words. Mama, Dada, Nana, no, more, thank you, ball and bubble are some of the regulars. Still working on up and please... He went out to the barn with me yesterday and rode the tiny mini (my friend Kaila's pony)! I think he's even more addicted to horses than I am. He gets so mad when he has to get down :)

And 2 weeks ago, we FINALLY took Willow to a show. (we've been trying to go since February, but the weather has been most uncooperative!). Stephanie showed her in 1 flat class and 3 jumping classes (18" jumps). She did so well! She took like 8th place, but she was riding against a lot of old school horses who've been doing this forever. For her first jumping show and second show ever, she was awesome! I didn't end up showing because she did so well and was tired after the morning classes, so I gave her the afternoon off. She's super cute this year with all her dapples. Here's a pic of me messing around for a few minutes on her. I have no idea what I'm looking at...

That's all for now.