Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

We are basically snowed in here today in Everett, WA! So much for shopping or mall walking, or the barn, or my HIGHLY anticipated visit to the newest member of the Salerno family.

With nothing better to do...I gave Toby his 2nd haircut (my first time cutting his hair!) I decided to try it while he was in the bath, thinking he'd have plenty to keep him busy and the cleanup would be easier. That was all true, but I didn't account for the sheer amount of movement he's capable of in the tub! Sharp scissors + inexperienced stylist + a squirmy baby = a good time. Only a little blood - just kidding! No blood and no tears (from Toby anyways). It was quite frustrating though, and I think next time I'll try the high chair as our cutting location.

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