Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a pretty chill Halloween this year. Took Toby to the mall for his first real Trick-or-Treat experience. He figured out how to take candy from people and put it in his bucket. And then he was so excited about eating his first sucker (wrapper and all) that I finally gave up and let him have it. It lasted for about 30 minutes of trick-or-treat madness before it was gone and I threw the stick away. Oh man, was he mad about that!!! Threw himself on the floor, and hence, our first trick-or-treat experience ended early. :) Lovin' the toddler years!


Steph said...

awww, poor guy was mad his lolly was gone. How are you doing? sounds like all is well. Did he have a costume?

Cassia said...

Sounds like he had fun. Whats with this no pics thing??? What did you dress him up as this year. How are you doing? We decided to stay down here for the time being while we wait to see whats going to happen. Dan's a little worried about the lack of work. They I guess dont think they are going to get the Pittsburgh job and they dont know if the Vegas job is even going to happen. Looks like we might be finding a couple new jobs. One for myself and one for job. Fun times fun times.

I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving.