Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back on the web

Well, it's been a busy summer. Mostly hanging out at the barn with Toby and friends. We did visit family a few times and took a fun trip over to Lake Chelan, as usual. I haven't taken many pics lately, but here are a few.

Toby is doing well. He was 2' 9" at his last check up, he's getting so tall! He loves to point out noses, he's working on saying ears, eyes, and mouth. He brings me books to read to him all day, and he really likes flash cards now too. Of course he's still very busy with balls, and now he plays with his duplo blocks a lot. And he's 18 months going on 2...practicing tantrums and no's. A bit frustrating, but consistent time outs are starting to pay off.

And there is more news about baby #2. It's a girl and she should be joining us sometime around January 27th. The name game is still ongoing. She had her arm behind her head in the ultrasound - a diva already. My belly is much bigger with this little one, she takes up as much space as possible

Ted's family together for Jack's birthday

Toby on Christina's horse, Kyle Rachelle's daughter, Kyleigh, brushing Willow


Steph said...

wow, sounds like you were very busy this summer. glad to hear everything is going good.

Cassia said...

Thank you for the pics! You all look great and Toby is getting so big. Have you narrowed it down to a few names yet or are you still looking. We spent hours pouring over the baby name books with both the kids. Its so hard trying to name them. I'm glad you are all doing good. I am going to call you next week when the kids are back in school. Its just to hard to talk with them around :)

Veronica said...

Sounds like a busy summer! Hope you are feeling good. Toby is getting so big! Excited to hear what name you end up choosing!!